The Need for a Safe & Secure Film Production Location

Talk about crowds. Fans hear that their favorite actor or actress is in town and the crowds form, traffic builds and suddenly the simple act of filming a production becomes a nightmare. You have constant fans trying to get a glimpse of the recorded scenes and trying to get an autograph from their favorite celebrity. 

Production companies also need to contend with all the necessary crews and equipment needed and all the legal permits they must obtain. With all this on their plates, they need to rely on a security company that knows how to provide safe and secure protection throughout the entire production. 

If they get this wrong, it can cost production companies lost time and money. Shoots can become delayed or worse injuries can happen and the safety of staff, celebrities and bystanders can be put at risk for not selecting a security company that is ready to work alongside all members of a production. 

The security officers at Security Associates of Coastal Georgia understand the need to provide safe and secure security. Our security officers can be armed and unarmed officers who are trained to spot flaws in security measures and also to monitor and protect everyone and everything involved with the production. 

Along with protection, they also understand the need for secrecy and privacy. Some productions are created and require that much of the production is not leaked either by spoken word or through photos. Our officers are ready to meet the production demands. 

We understand that the public, the fans are eager to know more but we take our responsibility seriously and do everything we can to bring you the security your production needs. 

Now that you’ve taken a moment to discover us, take a moment to reach out to us so we can schedule a time to evaluate and help identify areas that may be faulty in your security. Together we can provide a safe atmosphere to film in. 



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