The Honors Gala

The Inaugural Savannah Film Alliance Honors Gala was a huge success and everyone at Security Associates of Coastal Georgia was glad to help all the attendees feel safe, secured and protected.

This glamorous event recognized and honored several key professionals and their contributions to the local film and television industry in Savannah.

The event was well attended on September 28th, 2019 at Victory North, a wonderful new venue in Savannah. The “Old Hollywood” theme, complete with red carpet, drew many filmmakers, musicians and actors.

For those wondering what effect the film industry has had in Georgia, it has grown from $240 million in 2007 to almost $10 billion in 2018 with 30 to 40 productions happening in the state at any given time.

Security Associates of Coastal Georgia has been actively providing security and training security officers in this specialized field, in order to meet the demand of the film industry.

It was a great pleasure to be involved with the 2019 Honors Gala and we look forward to increased involvement with the film industry.


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