Face of the South 2020 by South Magazine

It was an honor to be selected as a ‘Face of the South 2020’. We have worked so diligently to help keep our clients safe, secured and protected, then to be recognized after so much hard work brings us great joy. 

“Security isn’t just a body at the door. It’s not just another set of eyes scanning the room. Not for CEO Erica Lumpert. For Security Associates of Coastal Georgia those are just the means to secure the ultimate goal: your peace of mind. They are just part of a comprehensive set of measures to ensure total client trust…” 

This was just an excerpt written in South Magazine’s Face of the South 2020 edition about our company Security Associates of Coastal Georgia with offices in Atlanta and Savannah Georgia. 

We look forward to continuing to serve the communities in which we live in. Thank you South Magazine for the recognition. 



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